Why Write a Blog?

What's the point of writing a blog?

I’ve thought about writing a blog for several months now but quite frankly my WordPress phobia has kept me from seriously pursuing it. Everyone says WordPress is great but for me it’s a gigantic headache, and I never want to post anything unless it’s “perfect”.

However, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons at this point. I have to just accept that this can look crappy and I’m not going to spend a lot of time or money making it look pretty.

So why am I going making this?

1. To have a record of my thoughts. I intend for this to act as an informal diary. A way for me to record the things I am learning about and working on. It will be interesting once I have a fairly large output of posts to see where my mind was at during a particular point in time. 

2. In case I “call” something. I think a blog is a really good way to put your thoughts out there and talk about where you think things are moving. This could help in the future if I am applying for a job or trying to get in contact with someone.

3. To increase general output. This is by far the most important reason and also makes the least amount of sense. Basically I think most of my (and probably everyone else’s) time is spent consuming “content” instead of making it. I think this definitely leads to some sort of mental imbalance I cannot eloquently describe yet. My best explanation is that this will be like wringing out a really wet towel. In that analogy my brain is the towel.

4. I’m an optimist.  I’ve never really posted much on social media and it’s not really for the reason most people think. It’s because up until now I’ve considered myself to be a pessimist. I’ve never been angry, sad, or depressed for an extended period of time, but it’s always been much easier for me to find the bad in situations than the good. I feel like up until now if I was churning out “content” a lot of it would be negative or complaining. No one needs that. On the off chance this  resonated with people then it would be giving me an extra incentive to be negative. But in the last few months I think I’ve made a ton of progress to become an optimist, and I do not think anything I put out is going to deliver a negative message.

So on the off chance you somehow found this post and are still reading I am going to blog about a lot of stuff at first but I’m sure I’ll narrow it down eventually. But for the time being please put up with random ramblings on entrepreneurship, food reviews, nutrition, exercise, sports, and other random experiments I am pursuing. 

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